Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions – “Oral Sex” Oral Sex “69”

Oral loving is a classic way for lovers to serve up pleasure. Really, aren’t you a better person when you regularly experience pleasure? Aren’t you nicer to be around and easier to get along with? Don’t you like yourself better when you are regularly experiencing pleasure?


«When you give really good head, you are entering the Temple of the Goddess as her Servant, her humble, resourceful, eager to please, wetback, asslickin’, clitsuckin’ servant.» Dr. Susan Block

Sweet copulins pheromones are only produced in the vaginal canal. Men are chemically programmed to want to have their face at your pleasure-treasure cove! Pheromones are the chemical sexual attractants produced by animals to allure the opposite sex to mate. Both males and females produce pheromones. The vomeronasal organ, or Jacobson’s organ, lies between the nose and mouth. With this organ human beings detect the presence of pheromones in their lovers. Even though the vomeronasal organ is located in the nose, pheromones are not scents in the same way a perfume is a scent, but many perfumes now have pheromones added. A man or woman who wears them is reportedly irresistible to the opposite sex.

Many women are under the mistaken assumption that men want a woman with a perfect «10» body, whatever that might be. This is a simple error of judgment that is cause for much suffering in women, and some of the most self-destructive behaviors such as eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. What most men actually want is a woman to completely surrender to her passion in active lovemaking, to love it, to want it, and to enjoy herself completely without shame or guilt. This is the single greatest turn-on for almost every male lover. Men find such a woman completely irresistible, regardless of her body style.

“Oral Sex – Fellatio”

Many men enjoy having their genitals touched at any time and find that it leads to an instant erection. Women on the other hand, generally prefer not to have their breasts and genitals touched until after they are already sexually aroused.   This important gender difference between men and women is the reason why we advise lovers NOT to follow the Golden Rule—don’t do unto your lover what you want done unto you, because they are different things!  

One of the most common fantasies for a man is to have a beautiful sexy woman approach him, then without speaking, unzip his pants and suck him off fast and furious, with the whole episode being concluded in a matter of minutes. This fantasy is even juicier if it involves a woman he does not already know and happens in some public place such as at a cocktail party. The lovely lady then simply disappears and he never sees her again—no strings and no complications!  

Men are full of contradictions when it comes to blowjobs. They long for them, dream about them, wet-dream about them, and can never seem to get too many, but at the same time they may fear the very thing they desire. For one thing, with many men, fellatio can bring them to ejaculation very quickly. In the fantasy scenario above, this is not a problem, but in ordinary lovemaking it is extremely frustrating and downright embarrassing. If your man is one who tends to come very quickly, it is much better for both of you if you use a slower, gentler build-up of sexual arousal before there is any touching or sucking of that gorgeous stalk of jade

A man may also have a subconscious fear of being devoured by an insatiable, sexually hungry woman. So ladies, when you do take him into your luscious mouth, exploring with pouty lips and probing tongue, beware of frightening him with your voracious sucking hunger of lusty passion. Part of the Dracula myth is based upon man’s fear of being sucked dry out the end of his cock, in intercourse and fellatio.  

In a more ordinary lovemaking situation, as opposed to the fantasy of instant-fast-furious-fellatio, what your man is probably most desirous of is a very slow, very tantalizing, very seductive, very playful sucking that lasts on and on and on for a very long time. The way to be sure that he does not come too quickly, is that you must change what you are doing frequently, and as soon as he is showing a stage four, bone-hard erection, allow that erection to subside or he may ejaculate and in that way reject the very pleasure he really wants, and nice guy that he is, deserves.

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